Vintage shopping in Versailles

Vintage shopping at Au Facteur Cheval, Versailles

Whilst in Paris recently, we day-tripped to the Château de Versailles in the nearby town of—you guessed it—Versailles. After a short journey we alighted the train at Versailles Chantiers and walked up Rue des États Généraux, towards the Palace. Then we found Au Facteur Cheval, a vintage/antiques store, at number 12—I can't resist a rummage so in we went.… Continue reading Vintage shopping in Versailles

How to do London in a day: a jam-packed itinerary!

How to do London in a day!

Put on your comfortable shoes because we're covering a lot of ground today! London is a HUGE city so it goes without saying that if you've only got a day here you'll just be scratching the surface—but it can be done. Things to see & do if you only have 12 hours in London 9.00am… Continue reading How to do London in a day: a jam-packed itinerary!

DIY upcycled crate storage

How to upcycle a vintage crate

Are we sick of vintage crates yet? (Spoiler alert: I'm not.) A couple of years ago we found two on the street and and it recently became time to give one new purpose: we settled on rolling storage. I bought industrial-style castors and short screws (so they don't poke through into the inside of the crates) and spent 12-ish minutes putting everything together.… Continue reading DIY upcycled crate storage

London vintage store: Committee of Taste, N16

Committee of Taste vintage store, London N16

Committee of Taste was a welcome addition to Stoke Newington. True it's not hard to find vintage in N16, but it's trickier to come across good pieces that haven't had their prices ramped up to rip-off the affluent hipsters of Dalston. The vendors of CoT make it easy to shop by regularly updating their Facebook page with new-in… Continue reading London vintage store: Committee of Taste, N16