Some film snaps from the past year

Travel photos taken with a Holga film camera | Matera, Italy

Admittedly I'm a bit of a pain to go on holiday with–between my film camera, iPhone 6S and 'proper' camera I'm snap happy. But I can't not take a film camera. As I drunkenly broke my beloved La Sardina at a friend's wedding (RIP, little orange one) my Holga 120N came to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. I… Continue reading Some film snaps from the past year

Day trip from Lisbon to Sintra

A Sunday in Sintra... I'll say one thing for Portugal: they have a decent train network. Our Sintra day trip fell on Easter Sunday and despite checking in advance I was convinced trains wouldn't be running. But, trains from Lisbon were regular, tickets were a cheap as chips €2.15 each (double for the return cost)… Continue reading Day trip from Lisbon to Sintra

4 days in Lisbon: pt. 2

Day 3 - Saturday Our second full day in Lisbon dawned overcast and chilly - but we had to conquer São Jorge Castle anyway! After building all morning the clouds finally broke around midday, so we didn't spend as long exploring the castle as we'd have liked, but it was clearly time for a pastel… Continue reading 4 days in Lisbon: pt. 2

4 days in Lisbon: pt. 1

I've wanted to visit Lisbon for a long time and as you'll be able to tell from this photo-heavy post (which I quickly realised I needed to split up, stay tuned!) I thought the city was beautiful; it's one of those oh so European places that perfectly mixes grand, brightly-coloured architecture with a ramshackle, characterful… Continue reading 4 days in Lisbon: pt. 1