How to do London in a day: a jam-packed itinerary!

How to do London in a day!

Put on your comfortable shoes because we're covering a lot of ground today! London is a HUGE city so it goes without saying that if you've only got a day here you'll just be scratching the surface—but it can be done. Things to see & do if you only have 12 hours in London 9.00am… Continue reading How to do London in a day: a jam-packed itinerary!

A quick guide to London’s Exmouth Market

Exmouth Market, London EC1

Islington is a fabulous part of London and I'm lucky that I get to visit every day (having worked in Angel since May). Exmouth Market is just down the road and it's bloomin' great so I thought you might like a mini guide—here are my favourite places to shop and eat on this lovely little street! Places to eat & drink… Continue reading A quick guide to London’s Exmouth Market

The View from The Shard, London

The View from The Shard, London—the UK's highest viewing platform over 800km up in the air

Though the Shard is a new-ish addition to London's skyline, it's hard to imagine it without it now. This pointy glass skyscraper looms large over London Bridge station, proudly the tallest building in the UK. The View from The Shard offers 360° views and from the highest point, the 72nd storey, you can see for up to 40… Continue reading The View from The Shard, London

Imagine having to protest inequality in 2017

Women's March, London, 2017

| "Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”—Leonardo da Vinci Politics isn't a common topic on this blog, not because I'm not interested or don't care but because this is supposed to be a place to appreciate life's good things; our political situation is not a good thing and it's only getting worse. So yesterday I, and… Continue reading Imagine having to protest inequality in 2017