Packing for a city break: a foolproof formula

Quick tips for city break packing!

Packing is a boring but necessary part of any trip. I've alternated between creating super organised packing lists, detailing every single item, and just throwing stuff in a case—lists always win. Besides wanting to feel good (and look your best in your vacation photos), being appropriately-dressed while travelling can't be overrated: realising you forgot a jumper when it unexpectedly turns… Continue reading Packing for a city break: a foolproof formula

How to plan the perfect trip to Paris

Top tips for planning a trip to Paris, France

No one wants to go home from a holiday with regrets, so my vacations are always planned with military precision. I just got back from Paris (again—Paris is always a good idea), and as well as my usual post-trip recommendations roundup I thought it'd be useful to share my tips for planning a short break to la Ville Lumière.… Continue reading How to plan the perfect trip to Paris

The New Year Declutter

Black and white domestic short-haired cat

Happy new year and yes, these photos are totally unrelated to this post. After being sick for most of December my loosely-planned posts aren't happening; I've taken only 7 photos for weeks, all of my family's kitty, so cat = content. Anyway—January 2017! We're all (currently) motivated by new year good intentions and I'm running with it while it lasts, starting where I… Continue reading The New Year Declutter