These’ll blow your socks off! ChattyFeet review

Socks aren't usually the most thrilling thing to add to your wardrobe—but this new-ish independent brand has got me all excited! Best foot forward ChattyFeet socks are made in Europe from a soft cotton mix (the quality is superb), but of course it's the quirky designs that really make them stand out: they're created by designers all… Continue reading These’ll blow your socks off! ChattyFeet review

Colourful & affordable party décor

Cute rainbow-coloured paper ball

We were planning a small new year's eve party so I got some bits and bobs from dotcomgiftshop to brighten up our flat. Our soirée didn't happen (thanks immune system), luckily these items are versatile enough to use around the home all year. These multicoloured paper honeycomb balls* are just so fun and super easy to hang from the ceiling with transparent, removable Command… Continue reading Colourful & affordable party décor

The happy list no. 4

Vintage ink pot used as a vase

This post has sat in my drafts for a while; I've been in a funk so it's taken time to pull a list together—and today was particularly awful. We headed out to hunt down bargains at the Heal's warehouse sale, but we found a kitten that'd been hit by a car and left for dead. We called the… Continue reading The happy list no. 4

A mini guide to Penzance, Cornwall

Boats in Penzance, Cornwall, England

Life has been hectic recently, so for my 31st birthday (hooooow?) a break was needed. I spent five days exploring Penzance and the Isles of Scilly and I couldn't have imagined a better place to unwind. Now I've finally washed all the sea salt out of my hair, it's time to roundup why Penzance is so great!… Continue reading A mini guide to Penzance, Cornwall