Vintage shopping in Versailles

Vintage shopping at Au Facteur Cheval, Versailles

Whilst in Paris recently, we day-tripped to the Château de Versailles in the nearby town of—you guessed it—Versailles. After a short journey we alighted the train at Versailles Chantiers and walked up Rue des États Généraux, towards the Palace. Then we found Au Facteur Cheval, a vintage/antiques store, at number 12—I can't resist a rummage so in we went.… Continue reading Vintage shopping in Versailles

Colourful & affordable party décor

Cute rainbow-coloured paper ball

We were planning a small new year's eve party so I got some bits and bobs from dotcomgiftshop to brighten up our flat. Our soirée didn't happen (thanks immune system), luckily these items are versatile enough to use around the home all year. These multicoloured paper honeycomb balls* are just so fun and super easy to hang from the ceiling with transparent, removable Command… Continue reading Colourful & affordable party décor

DIY upcycled crate storage

How to upcycle a vintage crate

Are we sick of vintage crates yet? (Spoiler alert: I'm not.) A couple of years ago we found two on the street and and it recently became time to give one new purpose: we settled on rolling storage. I bought industrial-style castors and short screws (so they don't poke through into the inside of the crates) and spent 12-ish minutes putting everything together.… Continue reading DIY upcycled crate storage

The New Year Declutter

Black and white domestic short-haired cat

Happy new year and yes, these photos are totally unrelated to this post. After being sick for most of December my loosely-planned posts aren't happening; I've taken only 7 photos for weeks, all of my family's kitty, so cat = content. Anyway—January 2017! We're all (currently) motivated by new year good intentions and I'm running with it while it lasts, starting where I… Continue reading The New Year Declutter