These’ll blow your socks off! ChattyFeet review

Socks aren't usually the most thrilling thing to add to your wardrobe—but this new-ish independent brand has got me all excited! Best foot forward ChattyFeet socks are made in Europe from a soft cotton mix (the quality is superb), but of course it's the quirky designs that really make them stand out: they're created by designers all… Continue reading These’ll blow your socks off! ChattyFeet review

Vintage shopping in Versailles

Vintage shopping at Au Facteur Cheval, Versailles

Whilst in Paris recently, we day-tripped to the Château de Versailles in the nearby town of—you guessed it—Versailles. After a short journey we alighted the train at Versailles Chantiers and walked up Rue des États Généraux, towards the Palace. Then we found Au Facteur Cheval, a vintage/antiques store, at number 12—I can't resist a rummage so in we went.… Continue reading Vintage shopping in Versailles

DIY upcycled crate storage

How to upcycle a vintage crate

Are we sick of vintage crates yet? (Spoiler alert: I'm not.) A couple of years ago we found two on the street and and it recently became time to give one new purpose: we settled on rolling storage. I bought industrial-style castors and short screws (so they don't poke through into the inside of the crates) and spent 12-ish minutes putting everything together.… Continue reading DIY upcycled crate storage

Easy DIY painted pillows

Easy DIY fabric-painted cushions

Posting similar content back-to-back isn't my ideal, but like I said in my last post I've got that winter nesting bug back which means getting my DIY on! A while back (*cough* 2010) I bought duck feather cushions from Liberty; even though they're oddly-shaped I just couldn't say no—they were only £5 each! (£5! For duck feather!… Continue reading Easy DIY painted pillows