Vintage shopping at Au Facteur Cheval, Versailles

Vintage shopping in Versailles

Whilst in Paris recently, we day-tripped to the Château de Versailles in the nearby town of—you guessed it—Versailles.

After a short journey we alighted the train at Versailles Chantiers and walked up Rue des États Généraux, towards the Palace. Then we found Au Facteur Cheval, a vintage/antiques store, at number 12—I can’t resist a rummage so in we went.

Au Facteur Cheval antiques store, Versailles, FranceVintage shopping near Paris: Au Facteur Cheval, VersaillesAu Facteur Cheval antiques store, Versailles, near ParisVintage shopping in Versailles, near Paris

Prices were reasonable and there were lots of interesting items, sadly despite Eurostar’s excellent no-weight-limit luggage policy I had to be selective: we were (of course) heading to the Château, so whatever we got would be lugged around in my Louis Vuitton all day.

We left with this colourful, graphic Noilly Prat vermouth bottle (negotiated down to 5€), which we’re repurposing as a vase. I’ve said it before but will say it again: old, characterful, non-touristy souvenirs like this are my favourite!

We’re currently en route to Bruges (expect lots of Insta-spam), so read about our day at Versailles and our ad-French-ture in Paris ’til we’re back with more from Belgium! If you liked this post, don’t forget to pin it for later or save it on Bloglovin :) À bientôt

Vintage shop in VersaillesAntiques shopping in Versailles, near ParisVintage shop in Versailles, ParisAntiques/vintage shop in Versailles, Paris


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