Quick tips for city break packing!

Packing for a city break: a foolproof formula

Packing is a boring but necessary part of any trip. I’ve alternated between creating super organised packing lists, detailing every single item, and just throwing stuff in a case—lists always win.

Besides wanting to feel good (and look your best in your vacation photos), being appropriately-dressed while travelling can’t be overrated: realising you forgot a jumper when it unexpectedly turns chilly is not fun. Take the time to pack properly.

Simple city break packing list, for spring & autumn trips

Essentials for a short trip

Jeans x 1
Light top x 2/3
Jumper x 1/2
Dress or jumpsuit x 1
Outerwear x 1
Comfortable walking shoes x 1
Formal shoes x 1
Underwear, socks and accessories

For our recent 5-day trip to Paris, I took my new Whistles and Levi’s Wedgie jeans (#denimbinge), a Breton top or 2 (mais oui), a boyfriend shirt and a few jumpers. This simple capsule wardrobe gave me several outfit options from just 8 items.

Top tip: Pack things you wear often—you wear them often for a reason.


High-neck jumper | Classic jeans | Ankle boots | Striped t-shirt | Denim pinafore | Breton top | Hi-top trainers | Statement t-shirt | Umbrella | Lip crayon | Leather bag | Beanie | Hoop earrings


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