View from the top of Kotor city walls, Montenegro

Travel essentials for the female holiday-goer

  • Proper outerwear and footwear | No matter where you’re going, take comfortable walking shoes and a weather-appropriate jacket (I’m looking for a decent waterproof, any recommendations?)
  • Phone and camera | The thought of going travelling without my iPhone or a compact system camera gives me palpitations—let’s move on
  • Camera bag | My god is it hard to find a practical-but-attractive bag? I stumbled across Grafea in 2012-ish and love my leather camera bag and backpacks

Stari Bar (Antivari), Montenegro

  • Electricals | Plug adaptors, headphones, phone charger, camera charger and spare battery, film camera and extra film (if you’re also that way inclined)
  • Clothes steamer | You could hang creased articles in the bathroom while showering, but I don’t think I’d survive without my Philips steamer (review)
  • Accessories | Use jewellery, headwear, scarves, hair accessories and even lipstick to zhoosh up your outfits

Finnhamn, Stockholm Archipelago, Waxholmsbolaget boat cruise

  • Beauty products | Bare minimum: deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste. Your hotel can usually provide anything else—or you can buy it at your destination
  • Medication, health insurance (and an EHIC where applicable) | A European Health Insurance Card entitles Europeans to reduced/free healthcare in EEA countries and Switzerland (though after Brexit, who knows?)
  • Map/s | Your hotel/Airbnb host will probably provide one but get one if not—while it’s nice to ‘get lost’ sometimes, but getting properly lost isn’t fun

We’re currently in Paris, keep up with our ad-French-ture on Instagram!

Bergen map

Photos from: Kotor, Stari Bar, the Stockholm Archipelago and Bergen

TRAVEL TIPS: Holiday essentials for women


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