Women's March, London, 2017

Imagine having to protest inequality in 2017

| “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”—Leonardo da Vinci

Politics isn’t a common topic on this blog, not because I’m not interested or don’t care but because this is supposed to be a place to appreciate life’s good things; our political situation is not a good thing and it’s only getting worse.

So yesterday I, and 100,000 others, marched on London. I rallied because I’m tired of misogyny, inequality, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, fear-mongering, climate change, ignorance, unbalanced power and wealth, and the morals of those with all the power and all the wealth.

There were elements of the day I didn’t agree with (why women’s march?) but it was a peaceful protest with an atmosphere that made me proud to be a Londoner and a feminist. Sometimes all you can do is show up, and if all you can do is show up it’s important that you do show up—even just in spirit.

Women's March on London, 2017Rallying at Women's March, London, 2017Women's March on London, Trafalgar SquareWomen's March rally in London, 2017Women's March, LondonGirl power traffic lights at the Women's March, London, 2017


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