Cute rainbow-coloured paper ball

Colourful & affordable party décor

We were planning a small new year’s eve party so I got some bits and bobs from dotcomgiftshop to brighten up our flat. Our soirée didn’t happen (thanks immune system), luckily these items are versatile enough to use around the home all year.

These multicoloured paper honeycomb balls* are just so fun and super easy to hang from the ceiling with transparent, removable Command Clips. They’re damage-free so yes, you renters can get involved too!

Paper ball party décor (& other budget party ideas!)

Mini milk bottles* are perfect for storing and displaying striped paper straws* at parties: they look so cute and it’s easy for guests to help themselves. They’ll also be great candle holders and/or vases.

Affordable, adaptable homewares make my heart sing! I did get a couple of other items—coming soon—and my whole order came in at a smidge over £30 (with free P&P for orders over £20). Thanks to dotcomgiftshop for the store credit towards this little haul, you’ve made my home happier.

Cute & colourful bar cart accessoriesOld-fashioned striped paper straws | cute party décor ideas

Products marked * are samples. All opinions my own. See my ‘About’ page for more.


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