The perfect silver strappy mid-heel shoes

Just arrived! Strappy silver shoes

I rarely dedicate a post to a new item but I’m so enamoured with my shiny new shoes!

After spying them at the John Lewis Christmas in July press day, I snapped a picture as a reminder to buy them in the autumn. Of course I then forgot all about them and bought a similar cheap pair (that destroyed my feet within minutes).

When browsing the John Lewis sale at Christmas I accidentally rediscovered them—for £35 (reduced from £85). If that isn’t fashion fate, what is?!

I can’t wait to wear them at my friend’s birthday party in a couple of weeks! Are you still finding sale bargains?

Shiny silver shoes, with the perfect heel height for day-to-day wear


4 thoughts on “Just arrived! Strappy silver shoes”

  1. Ohhh they are so lovely and a total bargain! I found a lovely pair of cream brogues for £95 in Russell and Bromley that I’m thinking about…cream would be great for spring and summer and they are timeless…urghhhh…time to make a decision x


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