How to upcycle a vintage crate

DIY upcycled crate storage

Are we sick of vintage crates yet? (Spoiler alert: I’m not.)

A couple of years ago we found two on the street and and it recently became time to give one new purpose: we settled on rolling storage.

I bought industrial-style castors and short screws (so they don’t poke through into the inside of the crates) and spent 12-ish minutes putting everything together. The total cost was just £8.65. You don’t get much cheaper or easier than that.

With this new/old shoe organiser in action, our hallway looks that bit tidier. Can I get a hell yeah for DIYs that are cute and practical? 💪

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Easy DIY: how to upcycle a vintage crate

4 thoughts on “DIY upcycled crate storage”

  1. UH-MAZING. I love that you can wheel them around. For our wedding, (for holding favours), I bought a new crate due to being very last minute, SOB. I much prefer vintage looking crates!


    1. I know, we were so lucky to just find them on the streets!

      If nothing else it’s just easy to tidy around them if you can wheel them away to vacuum underneath; we might add a padded ‘lid’ at some point and use it like a footstool too (2 of these castors have brakes)… we’ll see :)


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