Black and white domestic short-haired cat

The New Year Declutter

Happy new year and yes, these photos are totally unrelated to this post. After being sick for most of December my loosely-planned posts aren’t happening; I’ve taken only 7 photos for weeks, all of my family’s kitty, so cat = content.

Anyway—January 2017!

We’re all (currently) motivated by new year good intentions and I’m running with it while it lasts, starting where I always start: decluttering.

After my previous clear-out I implemented a 4-out-1-in policy—which has since gone spectacularly off the rails. I tried again with the KonMari method, but after twice failing even to finish the book (never mind implement its teachings) I’m doing it my own way.

Basically, I’m throwing sh*t out when the mood strikes.

DVDs, books, spare shower curtain hooks (we don’t even have a shower curtain), photo frames, damaged clothes, wood off-cuts for DIYs that didn’t happen…

You get it. I’m guessing you’re living this right now too (or soon will be).

Of course one wo/man’s trash is another’s treasure: unwanted paraphernalia should go to friends or charity shops (even damaged clothes can be repurposed—sofas don’t stuff themselves!), alternatively turn crap into cash by opening an Etsy shop or hitting up your local car boot sale.

Purging feels good, promise.

Domestic short-haired black and white cat


3 thoughts on “The New Year Declutter”

  1. So I attempted a big clear out yesterday but didn’t get very far. 4 in 1 out sounds ruthess! I need to Kon Mari but I can’t quite commit ha ha. UGH. I hate having so much stuff but I do love it all soooo…. ;) Adorable kitty snaps btw!


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