Reflections on 2016 (good vibes only)

16 highlights from 2016

Needless to say, 2016 has been a shitstorm. But 2017 is around the corner and with it that new-year-fresh-start feeling. Thank GOD.

Before we think about resolutions and all that jazz, let’s get reflective and show some gratitude for 2016’s better moments. (There have been some.)

Top travel

  • First trip of the year was to a UNESCO world heritage site: Saltaire, in Yorkshire.
  • Next we went to Paris and Provins (a medieval city and another UNESCO site) in France.
  • We then ticked a new country off our lists, visiting Lisbon, and while we were in Portugal we went on a day trip to Sintra too.
  • It was time to visit France again! We spent a few days in Carcassonne, in Languedoc-Rousillon, and day-tripped to Narbonne and Bram while we were in the area.
  • The sun came out, so we visited Rye in East Sussex for the day.
  • For my 31st birthday, Cornwall called—then we hopped over to the incredible Isles of Scilly.

DIY delights

Life in London

Ok 2017, show us what you got 💪

UK travel & lifestyle blog 2016 roundup: ACCOOOHTREMENTS.


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