Easy DIY fabric-painted cushions

Easy DIY painted pillows

Posting similar content back-to-back isn’t my ideal, but like I said in my last post I’ve got that winter nesting bug back which means getting my DIY on!

A while back (*cough* 2010) I bought duck feather cushions from Liberty; even though they’re oddly-shaped I just couldn’t say no—they were only £5 each! (£5! For duck feather! From Liberty!)

It took 6 years to find cushion covers that fit. They’re 100% cotton but needed jazzing up, so I picked up some fabric paint from Cass Art and spent a fun and easy morning adding some random brush strokes. After a 5-minute fix with the iron (no steam!), they’re all done.

Finlay Storage Bed (£15 off with code “UCBH6AWS”)
Striped cotton bedding
Textured white pillowcases
YAY hanging banner

Calm grey & white Scandinavian-style bedroomSimple DIY fabric paint throw pillows


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