An easy fairy light lamp DIY

Easy DIY: string light bottle lamp

We found a nice old bottle on the street (is that a weird statement?) and I just had to rescue it and find a use for it. After a couple of ideas that didn’t work out I saw something on Pinterest—of course—that inspired this simplest of DIYs: feed fairy lights into the bottle and switch them on.

I also taped some of the protruding wire together and then to outside of the bottle, to keep things neat, discreet and in place. But that’s it. We have another set of the same string lights so I might poke them in there too, but I want to see how hot it gets with just one set—safety first!

The beauty of this project is that if I want to reuse the bottle as something else, like a vase or candle holder, it’s easy to pull the lights out. It’s a perfectly-easy DIY to add some autumn cosiness to your space!

How to make a lamp from an old bottle and string/fairy lightsDIY bottle lamp - a cute & easy way to use string lights!Easy DIY string light lamp


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