Christmas gift ideas, all under £25!

Budget gifts for Christmas!

After a helluva week (did someone say presidential election?) I needed a trivial way to spend a rainy weekend day and this roundup is the result. I just wanted to drink tea and look at pretty things, know what I mean? It might not make a difference to the grand scheme of things but sometimes we need to distract ourselves and forget about the world for a while.

Back to frivolity—these beautiful bits and bobs are all under £25, perfect for presents or a little pick-me-up (I already have the burger pin, it’s fabulous).

Budget Christmas gift guide—everything under £25!

burger enamel pin | copper and marble coaster
complimentary pencil set | Bauhaus earringswide-angle iPhone lens
yay! tray | glow-in-the-dark iPhone case
recycled glass vase (20% off with code “HAB20”!) | nope mug
nail art pens | bear print wall art
nail duo gift setear cuffs


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