Street art in Hoxton, East London

Exploring East London, again

London has become bloody cold these past few days. Rather than hibernating (a tempting option) we wrapped up and headed east this weekend—primarily to visit the Renegade Craft Fair but with a good old wander in mind too.

Hunting down street art in Hoxton, LondonExploring Hoxton, East LondonStar Wars street art, East LondonStar Wars mosaic, East LondonStreet art murals in Hoxton, LondonThe Windmill pub, East LondonPicasso-style street art, London

We got off the 141 bus in Hoxton and meandered to Shoreditch; I actually enjoy visiting this part of London infrequently, to see what’s changed. Because something always has.

There’re consistently plenty of new cafés and lots of fresh street art—and usually a work-in-progress, as on this occasion. This time my favourite piece was the mural at the top of this post which is by David Shillinglaw (you’ll find his bold, colourful work all over London).

Street art in Shoreditch, East LondonColourful street art mural in Shoreditch, LondonHow to spend a day exploring Shoreditch, East LondonSuperhero street art in Shoreditch, East LondonLabour and Wait - a beautiful homewares stores in Shoreditch, LondonGraffiti in Spitalfields, London - by SHOK 1Brick Lanes street sign, London

After the craft fair we wound our way through Spitalfields, coming across an incredible series of streets that look like a real-life Georgian film set. If you’re ever in the Brick Lane/Spitalfields area, I highly recommend you ramble down Fournier Street, Wilkes Street, Princelet Street and Puma Court. (And actually, they’re worthy of their own excursion if you can.)

Historic Georgian Fournier Street, Spitalfields, LondonGeorgian streets in Spitalfields, LondonHistoric Georgian streets in East LondonGeorgian history still exists in Spitalfields, LondonOld shop sign in Spitalfields, LondonGeorgian townhouses in Spitalfields, London

Surprisingly, property in this area does come up for sale—yes I checked.

Maybe I’ve lived in London too long but I consider circa £2.5million a bargain for a Grade II listed piece of history: the silk for Queen Victoria’s coronation gown was woven at 14 Fournier Street (formerly Church St.), the Jewish Chronicle (the oldest Jewish English language weekly in the world) was created round here, and the Ten Bells pub is closely linked to Jack the Ripper.

A truly fascinating area and one we’ll be revisiting.

Historic Georgian buildings in Spitalfields, LondonHistoric Fournier Street, LondonBeautiful original Georgian houses in Fournier Street, East LondonA strange place for a letterbox, in Spitalfields, LondonOld store sign in Spitalfields, East LondonOld uncovered shop sign in Spitalfields, East LondonPuma Court, Spitalfields, East LondonDog memorial in Spitalfields, London

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2 thoughts on “Exploring East London, again”

  1. I love London , I love your photography, I love West London too ! Have been living there 18 years but about to move out for the countryside life thanks god London is ,from new place, only 1 hour away by train.


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