Travel photos taken with a Holga film camera | Matera, Italy

Some film snaps from the past year

Admittedly I’m a bit of a pain to go on holiday with–between my film camera, iPhone 6S and ‘proper’ camera I’m snap happy.

But I can’t not take a film camera. As I drunkenly broke my beloved La Sardina at a friend’s wedding (RIP, little orange one) my Holga 120N came to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. I managed to finish a couple of rolls (with an almost-full one still in the camera), so I’ve been to the lab and thought I’d share some snaps from Italy, Lisbon and Cornwall.

On the subject of my most recent trip, the digital camera of choice was my new-ish Lumix DMC-LX100; it’s the first time I’ve relied on it for an important event, like a holiday, but it’s a fantastic camera and I’m loving it more and more! Do you prefer film or digital photography?

Travel photos taken with a Holga 120N Lomography camera on Kodak film


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