Best nude nail varnishes

My favourite nude nail polishes

Confession: until a couple of years ago I was a lifelong nail biter. Now I’ve managed to quit that (horrible) habit, I’m buying nail polish like never before – and as I’ve always liked a pedi I was buying a lot anyway! It’s easily justified: nail products don’t break the bank and a neat and colourful nail makes you feel good about yourself.

On the other hand (LOL), nude nails can be tricky: I find many too orange for my blue-toned skin but they’re a) very SS16 and b) beautifully chic, making you look perfectly polished (can’t stop with the puns, #sorrynotsorry). So I’ve put in some research and IMO these shades are the best nudes for pale peeps:

OPI Nail Laquer in At First Sight

Pretty after a couple of sheer-ish coats, but this also builds to a thick creamy pink if you’ve got the time to layer it up. I love OPI polishes: the brush is thick but not clumsy (i.e. application is speedy) and the formula is long-lasting and chip-resistant even without a top coat.

Essie Polish in Muchi Muchi

This shade is so pale it’s almost a warm white. Essie also blessed us with cult favourite Ballet Slippers too – I haven’t tried that yet as it’s very similar to the above, but I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to buy it sooner or later.

Nails Inc. Varnish in Elizabeth St.

As you might be able to tell by the fact this is in the ‘old’ style Nails Inc. bottle, I’ve had this for a while. It’s a nice day-to-day polish that just makes you look ‘done’.

The best nude nail polishes


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