Holiday outfit: off-the-shoulder white top & denim culottes

Why saving things for ‘best’ is BS

Do you save your nicest things for ‘best’? I’m pretty confident you’ll be nodding your head. I used to be guilty of this too – I say guilty because the fact we do this is stupid.

Is life not a special enough occasion?

I can’t tell you how many fancy beauty products and higher-end pieces of clothing I was saving for god-knows-what. Until I recently decided NO MORE: why was I buying more stuff to use day-to-day when I already had plenty of things? Why had I deemed this stuff too special for myself?!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to buy nice things for nice occasions. I stubbornly packed only summer-y clothes for our trip to Carcassonne because I was going on holiday to the south of France in mid-June and goddamn the weather forecast because I’d bought new stuff and saved it specifically for this vacation.

No doubt some things will still get their first wear on special events, but why shouldn’t I wear my nicest lingerie just because it’s ‘only’ Thursday and I’m going nowhere more exciting than work then the pub quiz?

Using your best things makes you feel great & why wouldn’t you want to feel great all the time?

Use that expensive body oil and that luxury lipstick, burn that gorgeous-but-overpriced candle. They’re giving you no joy gathering dust and life is too short.

Tell me – do you save things for ‘best’ or treat every day like it’s special?


1 thought on “Why saving things for ‘best’ is BS”

  1. Gosh, I’m so guilty of doing this but trying to get over it! I need to wear all my awesome threads while I can still fit into them haha.


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