Rustic wedding cake and cupcakes at an English countryside wedding

On nostalgia

I recently attended the wedding of two uni friends in Derbyshire. It was an amazing day full of tears and laughter. It was also totally Insta’ and Pinterest-worthy, but how could it not be if you say your vows in a Victorian pumping station and drive to your farm reception venue in a vintage London bus? Also, their dalmatian wore a bow tie *heart melts*

While I’ve seen most of my friends since we graduated, we haven’t all been together for nine years. Needless to say, lots of memories were shared and lots of alcohol was consumed. (I stayed at a Premier Inn halfway between Ilkeston and Nottingham, into which the train from London arrives. I’d not been to Nottingham before but was hoping I’d be un-hungover enough to explore before coming home. That did not happen.)

It was wonderful to be all in one place with so many of my favourite people, people that I spent some of the best years and had some of the best experiences of my life with. There was a lot to catch up on: babies, marriages, engagements. People have done amazing things: moved continents, got fantastic jobs, made happy lives. We’ve all grown up.

I admit I was slightly apprehensive about going alone. Would we have nothing to say to each other after all this time? Would it be awkward? Would it taint three solid years of happy memories? I needn’t have worried and it made my heart fuzzy to realise that everything was different and yet exactly the same.

English countryside-style tiered wedding cake and cupcakesRustic flowers at an English countryside wedding


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