How to organise photos

A simple way to store and organise photos

This might be strange to admit to in 2016 but I actually have a lot of hard-copy photographs.

My parents recently sold the house they’d lived in for 24 years so I was summoned to remove the last of my things, which turned out to be 500 photo albums I’d filled over the 2000s (only a mild exaggeration, they just fitted in my new 102L suitcase).

Being a Virgo and an INFJ I cannot have mismatching photo albums in my home, so the hunt for a tidy-but-not-hideous storage solution was on: there are surprisingly few options.

I found a nice system on Amazon but it was nearly £60 and I couldn’t do it. Instead I ordered four of these 2.1L Really Useful Boxes and while they’re not as pretty they were just £3 each.

This project was a perfect excuse to get out my embosser/label maker (it brings me an embarrassing amount of joy) and I made dividers using multicoloured index tabs and free postcards I picked up from god-knows-where. Organisation makes me SO happy.

It’s now much easier to find that embarrassing shot (I WhatsApp-ed many photos to friends while I was doing this, a gentle reminder to never cross me) and my photos take up less space. Plus, matching. How do you store your physical photos?

p.s. You can also try scrapbooking! ;)

Easy way to store & organise photosEasy storage idea for printed photos


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