Bedroom makeover, in progress

Our bedroom: a progress report

Bright, white and soon-to-be beautiful

I’ve been meaning to share updates on our little London flat for a long time – but while I’m full of ideas and always tweaking things (gotta keep my fella on his toes, he loves my projects *sarcastic face*) the only room we’ve finished is the bathroom (after photos still to come, oops).

Last Sunday I got the urge to rearrange some shizz so I got out my old friend Mr. Pipe And Live Wire Detector and I’m super happy with the result – my full-width picture rail! So, I thought I’d share :)

Bright & minimalist bedroom makeoverBedroom makeover in a bright Victorian London flat

Once I’d got the idea and measured it out I realised that side-by-side these IKEA ledges are the perfect size for our bedroom. It was obviously a sign. GO PROJECT, GO!

IKEA discontinued their immensely popular RIBBA rail, for reasons known only to them, so these are actually the new MOSSLANDA picture ledges. They were previously just above our Habitat oak drawers, where I used them to store and display my make up and perfume (which I’ve now transferred to my shiny new MUJI storage, basic but forgive me, I caved).

You can see we’ve swatched some paint samples so I thought it was a good time to drill holes; if I didn’t like the change I could fill them in and they’d disappear when we get round to painting the bedroom. (We’re going for the darker shade, on the left.)

Bedroom makeover: grey paint swatchesMinimalist make-up organisation & displayDressing area with cute accessories

Let’s talk about my lampshade! I love this fluffy, feathery beauty. It was a slightly extravagant purchase but it was on sale over Christmas and it’s never reduced so I pounced. I haven’t regretted splurging and I doubt I ever will. Sometimes the heart wants what it wants.

A couple of more bargainous buys were my tortoise ornament (actually a secret storage pot) and the cinema light box. I’ve wanted one for ages and they’re usually hundreds of pounds but this was just £30!

The Anglepoise lamp is vintage. I’ve never seen one this colour before or since and I’m so glad we snapped it up! I bought it with some money my lovely Nanna gave us as a moving-in gift for our old flat, so it’s extra special :)

Retro camera collection: storage & display ideaChic way to store & display a retro camera collection

ICYMI, I shared my complete vintage camera collection last week. It continues to grow! Most of it now lives on my String shelves, another indulgence I had to make when they were sale (i.e. like now!).

I love a home tour-type post so hopefully you enjoyed this peek into our work-in-progress! I’m currently at a wedding (and will likely be feeling dreadful when this scheduled post goes live), back soon with an update from the north! On that note, I decided my posting schedule wasn’t working so rather than forcing myself to blog three times a week from now on I’ll just share when I have something to say.

Happy weekend!


1 thought on “Our bedroom: a progress report”

  1. I love the paint choice! I have a picture rail sitting next to our bed waiting to be put up… it’s been there far too long and this post has inspired me to just get it done!


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