Storing & displaying a camera collection

My vintage camera collection

If you’re into cameras too, you may remember I’ve already shared my antique folding Kodaks, lomography cameras and retro Kodak Brownies. Well, I’ve finally got a storage and display system that I’m happy with so here’s the complete collection! (Kind of…)

Storing and displaying cameras

When we bought our flat I treated myself to String pocket shelving and moved most of my collection onto it – there isn’t actually enough space for all my cameras and the Polaroids are too deep for these shelves. (These leftovers are scattered around our living room.)

The String system is perfect for displaying a collection and such a classically Scandinavian, minimal-but-beautiful design. You only need to drill four holes to mount the unit (so it’s great for renters, if your landlord allows you to hang the odd thing) and the shelves are adjustable so you can move them to suit your needs as you switch up your displays.

Buying vintage cameras

If you’re looking to start a retro camera collection, you’ll want to go here:

  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Depop
  • car boot sales
  • flea markets/fairs
  • charity shops
  • vintage stores/fairs
  • family and friends! You may be surprised by what people keep and forget about – do them a favour and take their old ‘junk’ off their hands ;)

Do you have any collections? How do you store and display them?

Retro camera collection: chic storage & display idea


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