Swedish interior design

Beautiful black & white hallways

Amusingly, these gorgeous hallways could not be more different from my own, or my plans for it, so I don’t know why I’m drawn to these black, grey and white entrances but I am. Most likely it’s the lack of stuff. I’d feel so calm coming home to one of these simple, organised spaces!

Our own entrance is currently pretty dingy. It’s nothing bright white paint and a statement wall won’t fix, but we have other things to prioritise. I’m dreaming of the day I have my very own Victorian staircase to restore, but ’til then I’ll be decluttering and shopping for oversized mirrors.

Becky x

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Grand black & white staircaseOrganised hallwayGrand, glamorous entryGrey minimalist hallStatement tiled floorModern wooden staircaseGiant leaning mirror with neon trimGrey hallway with gallery wallPainted cement floor


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