DIY idea for displaying & organising travel souvenir

DIY travel souvenir display

I think you’ll love this quick and easy DIY which is a really cheap way to display a souvenir collection so you can see and enjoy it every day.

I’m not one for buying souvenirs when I go on holiday (except Eiffel Tower-related tat, then I’m in) but like to collect things on my travels—we usually pick up pebbles.



  • Your souvenir collection (in our case, pebbles)
  • A box frame (we used IKEA’s good ol’ RIBBA in 23cm x 23cm)
  • Backing paper/card, cut to the size of your frame
  • Strong glue
  • Clips or pegs, if you’re using a frame mount

What to do:

  1. If you’re using a frame mount, clip/peg it to your backing card to keep it in place. (I secured my mount upside-down in case I got any marks or glue on it.)
  2. Decide how you’d like to space your collection. I placed my pebbles randomly on the backing paper and jiggled them around until I was happy with the layout and spacing. If you’d like to be more precise and your collection is more uniform, use a tape measure and pencil to evenly space out your items.
  3. Pop your frame over the top to ensure you’re happy, and take a quick photo of your layout to refer back to in case you accidentally knock any of your pieces in the next and final step.
  4. Superglue each piece to the card one-by-one. Give it plenty of time to dry (as per your glue’s instructions, I left mine a full day to be sure).
  5. Pop your creation in the frame and once you’ve hung/leaned it in its new home, you’re done!

This is such a simple way to organise any little collection; it took me under an hour. We’ve got some LEGO figures knocking around that I’m tempted to get glue-y with next!

I hope you’ve had a great long weekend :)

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1 thought on “DIY travel souvenir display”

  1. Becky, you must have the most perfect Pinterest home!! I love this idea, we’re always collecting things and never displaying them.


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