Where to buy cool clothes & accessories for working out!

Fitness update (and where to get cool gym gear)

It’s been a while since I wrote a fitness-related post. I predictably fell off the wagon basically as soon as I got back from Italy—apparently, I need a reason to get, and stay, in shape. The onset of the festive period didn’t help: before I knew it, it was five weeks since I’d exercised.

I felt disgusting, especially when half my planned Paris wardrobe suddenly didn’t fit. I’m attending 3 weddings this summer and if the thought of your BFF being the most beautiful bride isn’t a reason to get in shape, what is? I’ll tell you what: AN EXCUSE TO GO SHOPPING.

Where to buy workout wear

New Look Rosie for Autograph (M&S) Sweaty Betty
TK Maxx Ivy Park (Topshop or Selfridges Zakti Active

The New Workout Plan

I’m not dieting (no want of abs will see me quit carbs or sugar), just eating less crap and swapping things like sandwiches for healthier wraps. We have smoothies for breakfasts most days (with the odd fry-up as a treat); I use this cheap-as-chips hand blender and make up a ‘recipe’ depending on what fruit we have in.

Gym-wise, I’m back to working out 2+ times a week. Mine recently got a Boditrax machine so I had scans on 3rd March, 16th March and a final one today: it was SO motivating to realise in mid-March that, despite weighing the same, I’d gained 1.4 kg of muscle and lost 1.4 kg of fat! (I might’ve since put a bit of that fat back on—#lisbonproblems—but have still lost 1kg of weight and 0.8% body fat in just a month.)

Bring on those parties!


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