Travel essentials: Philips Steam & Go steamer review

Travel essentials: Philip Steam & Go review

Here’s a secret that’ll make my Mum implode if she sees it: I never iron anything. I mean I literally haven’t picked up an iron in years. Generally, creased items get hung in the bathroom while I’m showering and I’m not against taking my ghds to collars.

I’m 30. It’s time to become a proper adult. I have a mortgage, for crying out loud.

Because I still bloody hate ironing, I started looking into steamers—so it was excellent timing when Philips sent over their new Steam & Go* for me to have a play with.

Life essentials: Philip Steam & Go GC330 review

The major pluses

The Steam & Go is super easy to use and ready in 45 seconds. Not only does it get rid of creases, it kills 99.9% of bacteria and removes odours too—so it’s perfect for difficult-to-wash items like sofas, cushions, window dressings and delicate fabrics, including those with embellishments.

Handy little bonuses

As a small home-dweller I love not having a bulky, ugly ironing board taking up space.

A small negative

My only gripe is that it’s not cordless but the cost of batteries would add up anyway. Swings and roundabouts, people.

Before and after

I decided to put this steamer through its paces to really show you what it’s capable of, testing it on my favourite white linen shirt for these photos. We all know linen loves to crumple (I personally like mine that way!) but take a look at how it did…

Steamer review: Philip Steam & Go GC330

As you can see, the Steam & Go did a pretty amazing job.

These photos were taken (1) before I started, (2) after about 30 seconds and (3) when I was happy with the amount of creases I’d got out, after about 60 seconds. Quicker and easier than ironing, right?

It’s also kind-of fun. Steaming has become one of those weirdly addictive things I just can’t stop. (#Adulting or what?)

You can buy Philips products (with price match and free delivery!) at John Lewis. The current RRP for the Steam & Go GC330 is £49.99.

Products marked * are samples. All opinions my own. See my ‘About’ page for more.



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