A long weekend in Paris, pt. 1

Eiffel Tower, view from the Tour Montparnasse in Paris

We arrived in Paris just before noon on a Saturday, catching an early morning train from St Pancras. Having Paris on our doorstep makes me SO HAPPY! It was pretty overcast but warmer than expected so after jumping on the Métro to Saint Germain and checking in to our hotel, we ditched our scarves and strolled along the Seine to grab some lunch.

Hotel Bellechasse Saint-Germain, ParisBookshop by the Seine, ParisCafe des Beaux Arts, ParisPont des Arts, ParisParis in springParis side streetsSaint-Germain, ParisFrogBurger St Michel, ParisFrogBurger St Michel, ParisRiver Seine, ParisRiver Seine, ParisOutside the Notre Dame Cathedral, ParisBar Brasserie in Saint-Germain, ParisOld painted sign, Paris

After a quick bite and a beer at FrogBurger, we headed to the Tour Montparnasse. ‘They’ say the best place to be in Paris is on top of it, as it’s the only place from which you can’t see it. They’re right: it’s an eyesore. But even on a cloudy day the views are pretty impressive!

Métro station on Boulevard Saint-Germain, ParisCrate bike basket, ParisCafe du Métro, ParisThe view from Tour-Montparnasse, ParisView of the Panthéon from Tour-Montparnasse, ParisAt the top of the Tour Montparnasse, ParisView of the Eiffel Tower from Tour-Montparnasse, Paris

After a windswept few minutes on the rooftop terrace we decided to try our luck getting into the Catacombs (spoiler alert: we’ve tried three times over two trips and never made it in. I can’t bear the thought of wasting 90+ minutes of limited Paris-time in a queue). We took a shortcut through the cimetière du Montparnasse, almost getting locked in after not realising the time. It’s smaller than Père Lachaise but no less interesting, with some unusual memorials including a giant mirror-bedecked bird.

Tour Montparnasse, from Montparnasse CemeteryMontparnasse cemetery, ParisCimitiere Montparnasse, ParisCimitiere Montparnasse, Paris

Giving up on the Catacombs once again, we hopped back on the Métro and by the time we emerged at Saint Michel it was dark and Paris was all lit up and shiny. It was cocktail hour! A Moutarde Street happy hour later, it was time for dinner at Restaurant AG then off to bed before another busy day – which is up next!

Becky x

Inside a Métro station, ParisParis by nightMoutarde Street, Paris


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