Marshmallow brownies

Delicious, indulgent marshmallow brownies recipe!

Sometimes you just want to eat something really bad. Brownies fit the bill nicely, but marshmallow brownies are a whole new level of indulgence: look at the recipe.

I can convince myself that some baked goods are healthy (i.e. “it contains, raisins/jam – that’s fruit!”) but even I can’t rely on self-trickery in this case. Though there is dark chocolate in here and that’s good for you, right? And the epic amount of eggs are a good source of protein…

Meh. Just enjoy.



3 thoughts on “Marshmallow brownies”

  1. I like making vegan brownies when I’m want something *ahem* ‘healthier’! A box of brownie mix, a tin of pumpkin puree- bosh, done! It’s got texture a bit like a pudding, but it’s still got that chocolate brownie taste to satisfy the cravings!


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