Chinatown arch, London

Chinese New Year in London

There are certain annual London-y things I always miss because they start too early or they’re too far away—I’m just too lazy to leave the house before midday if I don’t have to. This year we swore we’d partake in the Chinese New Year celebrations, seeing in the Year of the Monkey in Chinatown. And we did!

Chinese New Year in Chinatown, LondonYear of the Monkey celebrations, Chinatown, London

As expected, it was busy!

The aim was just to see the highlight of the parade, the dragon. After accidentally coming across two little ones in Chinatown, we decided that they counted and skipped the main event to go and eat our favourite burgers. Burgers > crowds.

If you want to check out Chinese New Year in London, take a look at Visit London’s guide to all the festivities—including the dates, times and locations for each event.

St Martin-in-the-Field, LondonThe oldest restaurant in London: Rules, Covent Garden

We usually go into central London on weekday evenings so made the most of a daylight dawdle, meandering to Bloomsbury via Covent Garden. London is huge and we love our little neighbourhood so much. Sometimes I worry we don’t make the most of living here by exploring the wider city as often as we should.

We’re off to Paris imminently but when we’re back it might be time to show our amazing home city some more love…

Covent Garden, LondonNeals Yard, LondonVW bug, St Giles, LondonBloomsbury Square, London


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