Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, London

New! Video time capsules!

Do you ever give up a hobby only to find yourself drawn to it again years later? Well, my friends and I were ‘vloggers’ before YouTube was a thing – I have some old tapes that I’m genuinely scared to import into iMovie – and I actually spent most of my life playing with video cameras*, even studying Media Production at university.

I recently started to miss filming just stuff so, inspired by Xanthe Berkeley, here’s my first video time capsule. I keep forgetting to film so I’m not off to the best start but I’m keen to polish off some rusty skills and record some of life’s little things.

You can keep up to date with my monthly(ish) time capsules if you follow me on YouTube. Have a happy weekend! :)

*yep, actual video cameras, not a phone.


7 thoughts on “New! Video time capsules!”

  1. Love this as a way of looking back at memories from a particular time. I’ve seen that drummer on Oxford Street and she’s amazing! x


  2. I follow Xanthe Berkeley on Instagram, she’s so inspiring! Loved your video :)
    You have a lovely blog – I will be following your adventures from now on! (I found you through Hjartesmil’s last blog post eheh)


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