The happy list no. 2

St Pancras station, London, England

I started this blog to document the things that make me smile so while life isn’t all fry-ups and flower markets I’m trying to be done with negativity. I feel better since last weekend’s little rant and enjoyed reading your comments so thank you! Now, let’s get happy!!

  1. I’ve been loving the gym this month. December definitely caught up with my waistline but I keep smashing my personal bests and I’ve already lost a couple of inches so I’m feeling good! (Besides this week’s wisdom tooth problems…)
  2. We have bathroom shelves! When we renovated our bathroom the contractors put up brackets but we were holding out for the perfect wood, which I know is weird but there you go – I’m obsessive. It hasn’t looked great but it was worth it because we found this gorgeous French oak!
  3. I’m now planning our kitchen makeover, which is super stressful (did you know you buy every single thing separately, right down to hinges?! I’m so worried about forgetting something!) but I’m excited to see my plans coming together. Another plus is that we’re trying to use up things in the cupboards, which means lots of baking.
  4. Watch this kitten get it’s first massage from it’s foster family and die of cute overload.
  5. While we’re on the subject of critters, my new favourite Instagram account is the adorable Link the French Bulldog puppy.
  6. Staying with animals for one more point, I’ve made lots of feline friends recently.
  7. I read Sali Hughes’ Pretty Honest and learned so much. It’s amazing. I’m really into a reading phase right now. The silver lining of sickness!
  8. We’re visiting my family soon and I’m looking forward to catching up and hopefully getting to know a new part of the north. Continuing my UK exploration!
  9. It’s also less than a month until we go back to Paris, yaaaaaaaay!
  10. I’ve been listening to a lot of Bowie. It such a shock to realise he was a mortal man. RIP, Goblin King, and thank you for the music – you really are a legend.

What’s put a smile on your face this week? I hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend! :)

Becky x

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5 thoughts on “The happy list no. 2”

  1. Oh is the Sali Hughes book worth the read then? I’ve been toying with it for ages and just don’t know whether to buy it. I love her Youtube and Guardian columns. She’s awesome!


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