To new beginnings…!

50s-style in Rome

It’s been quite a year. There’ve been ups and downs and, honestly, I’m ready to see the back of 2015. Once again I’m forgoing new year’s resolutions in favour of a word of the year: B E T T E R.

I want to be better at taking care of myself, better at my job, a better friend/girlfriend/sister/etc. We already have lots of exciting things planned for 2016, including several holidays and a few weddings, but before I get too excited (and I am excited) let’s recap 2015 and wave it off!

In January I lost my beloved Grandad, in February we bought a flat, March involved lots of London exploration, April saw a trip to Cambridge (and my mini guide to the city was your favourite post of the year!), in May I started a new job and a fitness mission, in June we had our bathroom renovated and the arrival of summer meant a taking a day-trip to Hastings, July was clearly a quiet month as a highlight was the discovery of a great value make up brush kit(!), August was more exciting and saw us visiting Strasbourg, Colmar and Yorkshire, in September I TURNED 30(!!) and we spent 2 weeks in Italy, October saw another seaside trip—to Rye on the south coast, in November I kicked off my winter reading list and December saw me enjoying London’s festive spirit.

How was your year? However you plan to see in 2016, I hope it’s fabulous! Ok, let’s do this!


3 thoughts on “To new beginnings…!”

  1. What a great year for you apart from losing your Grandad (my condolence <3), I am ever so envious of you buying a place in Stoke Newington and your endless trips! Speaking of Stoke Newington, my boyfriend used to share an awesome warehouse flat with couple of fashion designers and I loved staying over there!

    Happy New Year and hope your 2016 is a brilliant one :)

    Katrina Sophia


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