St Pancras Disney Christmas tree, London

Christmas in London

Happy Christmas Eve! I can’t believe 2015 is almost over. Like, literally cannot believe it. It’s true that the older you get the faster time goes. (Side note: I was recently convinced that the Friends episode The One Where They All Turn Thirty was about their 40th birthdays because when I first watched it 30 was ancient – yet here I am.)

I honestly don’t think there’s a better place in the world than London at Christmastime. Sure it’s even more crowded but online shopping means sorting all your gifts at home in your PJs and venturing into the West End purely for the atmosphere and the decorations.

I’ve posted lots of festive snaps on Instagram but as I work around King’s Cross I’ve become particularly obsessed with St Pancras’s Disney tree. Today was my last day in work (for 10 days!) so I took my camera and grabbed a few shots before it disappears.

No matter what you believe or what you’re up to over the next couple of weeks, I hope you have a wonderful end to 2015! Merry Christmas!

Christmas in London


2 thoughts on “Christmas in London”

  1. […] In January I lost my beloved Grandad, in February we bought a flat, March involved lots of London exploration, April saw a trip to Cambridge (and my mini guide to the city was your favourite post of the year!), in May I started a new job and a fitness mission, in June we had our bathroom renovated and the arrival of summer meant a taking a day-trip to Hastings, July was clearly a quiet month as a highlight was the discovery of a great value make up brush kit(!), August was more exciting and saw us visiting Strasbourg, Colmar and Yorkshire, in September I TURNED 30(!!) and we spent 2 weeks in Italy, October saw another seaside trip – to Rye on the south coast, in November I kicked off my winter reading list and December saw me enjoying London’s festive spirit. […]


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