Italy on film

Rome, Italy on 120 film

Bet you thought you’d seen the last of this trip didn’t you? Wishful thinking, my friend, because I finally got around to scanning my film photos! I took my Holga on our trip around southern Italy because it’s light but sturdy and it takes shots with such lovely light leaks. I’ve shared 120 film photos before but the Holga is a cheap Lomo camera taking 12 square or 16 rectangular images per roll. I prefer square shots just because they’re different – this camera is pre-Instagram, FYI!

On this vacation we covered over 1,000km and I actually remembered to get my Holga out of my backpack occasionally… unfortunately I did forget that I was halfway through a half-frame cardboard mask experiment so my first few shots, and all my Strasbourg photos, were ruined – or as the lady in the processing lab said, “they’re…interesting”. Experimenting cons! Do you shoot on film?

Travel Blog Of The Year?!

p.s. On the subject of travel, I’ve been shortlisted in the travel section of the Blogger’s Lounge “Blog of the Year” awards! The winner is decided by vote and while I’d rather not potentially win by begging all over the internet if you would like to vote for me that’d be very nice of you! Honestly though, I’m happy just being a finalist :) A sincere good luck to all the other shortlisted blogs, which I’m looking forward to reading this evening!

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BLOGGER'S LOUNGE TRAVEL FINALIST 2015120 film photo of Rome, ItalyCapri, Italy : photo taken with a Holga 120NCapri, Italy on 120 film120 film photo of Capri, ItalyHolga 120N photo of Capri, ItalyPositano, Italy on 120 filmPositano, on Italy's Amalfi Coast : photo taken on 120 filmAncient Pompei, Italy on 120 filmPompeii ruins on 120 filmHolga half-frame mask experiment


8 thoughts on “Italy on film”

  1. Lovely photos! We always take a ton of toy cameras with us on our holidays and I love it! Need to get better at getting stuff developed in a timely manner though!


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