A home update: room by room

Planning a home makeover, room by room

We’ve lived in our humble abode for a few months now. I’m itching to put our stamp on it and drive M mad by constantly starting projects and moving things around, but when it comes to big changes we’re taking it slow. I don’t want to make any costly mistakes but also I love the planning process and don’t want to spoil my fun by ‘finishing’ everything too quickly! I’m currently part-way through painting our front door (in Dulux “Teal Touch”) and, well, I’m learning that gloss paint is a bitch.

I posted my inspiration for our bathroom makeover & a moodboard of ideas for the bedroom but Kate La Vie recently shared room-by-room home plans which I thought it was a great idea so I’ve taken inspo :)

Image sources: bedroom | kitchen | bathroom | living room

Living room ideas & inspiration: clean & bright

Living/dining room

As this is the room in which we spend most of our non-working, waking hours it was the priority when we first moved in. It’s pretty much come together but I’ve accepted that it’s a room that will never be ‘done’. It’s a kind-of museum for the weird things we like and collect so we’re always adding to it and mixing things up. Minimalist we are not. It’s bright, but with a neutral background.

Image sources: living room 1living room 2 | living room 3

Kitchen ideas & inspiration: modern industrial


I have such specific ideas for our kitchen. I actually keep accidentally pinning the same images over and over. A clear vision makes things easier but as with our bathroom I want to shuffle the layout around a bit, which won’t be easy. We’re at a point where we feel we could cope with builders and mess so we’ll soon get some contractors in for quotes and to see if my layout is feasible. Then I can really get planning!

Image sources: kitchen 1 | kitchen 2 | kitchen 3

Bedroom ideas & inspiration: calm greys & white


As I’m sure is the case for most people, our issue is clothes storage. We drastically cut down on stuff when we moved (by we I mean me) but, duh, I’ve shopped since February. I can’t quite decide what storage will work best for us so for now this room is on hold. What I do know is that I’m feeling grey and white with maybe one strong colour (a blue or yellow?). Also, texture: linen and sheepskin and cotton, oh my.

Image sources: bedroom 1 | bedroom 2 | bedroom 3

Black & white bathroom inspo


5 months later and our bathroom still isn’t quite done. We’ve got our hearts set on a final piece that’s proving impossible to find, luckily its non-essential! Our almost-finished room is very much along the lines of these beautiful bathrooms, though: clean black and white with traditional touches.

Image sources: bathroom 1bathroom 2bathroom 3

Hallway ideas & inspiration: neatly organised storage


As I mentioned we’re actually sprucing up our hallway at the moment! Gone is the dull cream front door and we’ve got some really fun wallpaper to hang on one wall. The other walls also need a touch-up (colour TBC, some kind of pale lilacy-grey?) and I’ve some organisation-type details to shop for, then I’ll share some before and after snaps if you’re interested?

Image sources: hallway 1 | hallway 2

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