A trio of Italian towns

Bari, ItalyCity walls, Bari, Italy

We’ve reached the end of my series about our mammoth 2-week trip around the bottom half of Italy! The timing may not have been seasonally-appropriate but hopefully we’ve osmosed some vitamin D via our screens :) This post covers the towns that were our briefest stays as well as our final stop – Lecce.

Bari city walls, ItalyBari, ItalyBari, ItalyBari, ItalyBari, ItalyBari, ItalyColourful house, Bari, ItalyBari, ItalyCastle walls, Bari, ItalyBari, ItalyBari harbour, Italy


Let’s do this chronologically. Unfortunately that means starting with the least-liked town of our trip. In the opposite to the usual, it actually looks prettier in these photos than it did in the flesh and I’m now left wondering if I was being too hard on it when I was there. However, besides not being impressed with Bari’s appearance we’d heard it’s a little…dodgy and, honestly, it didn’t feel like the friendliest or safest place in the world.

The high point was our hotel, the well-located Palazzo Caló, even if they royally f*cked up our breakfast, though we did argue a small discount over it and they had a roof terrace with free beer and snacks and a lovely view. Sunset was a good time to sit up there, though the mozzies soon saw me off.

Rain in Martina Franca, ItalyRain in Martina Franca, Italy

Martina Franca

From Bari we caught a bus to Martina Franca (it was a Sunday and therefore train-less). We intended to hop off in Alberobello to see the trulli but the weather had other ideas. From the moment we left it rained non-stop until we went to bed that night. We accepted the inevitable soaking (neither of us had exactly packed for the apocalypse) and enjoyed cocktails before a lovely dinner at Garibaldi Bistrot.

Next day we woke up to more rain. We waited and waited for it to die off and were just contemplating leaving when the skies cleared, so we got to (quickly) see some trulli after all. After lunch (at Garibaldi again, it was that good) we caught the train to Lecce.

Martina Franca, ItalyMartina Franca, ItalyTrulli, Martina Franca, ItalyTrulli house, Martina Franca, ItalyTrulli, Martina Franca, ItalyMartina Franca, ItalyChurch, Martina Franca, ItalyGaribaldi Bistrot, Martina Franca, ItalyFiat 500 in ItalyTabby catLecce, ItalyLecce, ItalyLecce, Italy


We spent 2 nights in Lecce at the B&B Nonna Jole, which was in the perfect spot for wandering this small city on foot and as we had the top-floor suite we had the roof terrace all to ourselves. It went well with a bottle of local red wine :) Speaking of which, our favourite places to eat and drink were A’Roma l’Osteria for delicious food with outstandingly friendly service and Quanto Basta for weird and wonderful cocktails (and bearded mixologists, if that’s your thing).

Lecce was absolutely wonderful. It reminded me of Florence, which I love, even though it isn’t actually that similar. I can’t put my finger on what it was but Lecce felt laid-back and friendly and even homely. Plus, after a couple of weeks of dog whispering, it gave me a chance to befriend lots of cats. And with that our holiday was over! Here’s a reminder of our round-Italy itinerary and a list of my posts from this trip:

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Lecce Campanile, ItalyCathedral, Lecce, ItalyLecce cathedral, ItalyRetro car, Lecce, ItalyGrey tabby catLecce, ItalyLecce, ItalyPink sky at night, Lecce, ItalyLecce, ItalyRoman Ampitheatre, Lecce, ItalyLecce, ItalyCute catBasilica di Santa Croce, Lecce, ItalyLecce, ItalyCity gate, Lecce, ItalySleepy kittyRoman theatre, Lecce, ItalyVintage fair, Lecce, ItalyLecce cathedral, ItalyLecce cathedral, Italy


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