Loft bedroom inspiration

Bedroom inspiration

Let’s talk bedrooms. Ours has been puzzling me for months. The square footage is decent but it’s an awkward narrow shape. With a double bed width-ways, it’s a tight squeeze past the end. London!

It makes planning a layout tricky and whatever decisions we make about furniture have to be long-term. I hate buying cheap crap: it tends to be obviously low-cost and it’s false economy when things breaks after a year and you have to replace them.

Here’s what we’re up against. Clearly, this photo is from moving-in day: we have stuff in there now. And the ugly lampshade and shelf (mounted with outdoor brackets like those for a hanging basket!) are already long gone!

Narrow bedroom layout inspiration

A custom-built closet was the dream, but the cost was shocking. It’s bits of wood stuck together?! We currently have an IKEA wardrobe left by the previous owner. It’s versatile so we contemplated changing the doors and adding shelves, like a cheap way of getting the built-in look, but ultimately I’d rather replace it than waste money on a temporary fix.

My current thought is to get a big chest of drawers but it’d probably have to match our 1960s G Plan Fresco bedside unit..? I know, I don’t want much.

Until we’ve decided what to do, the bedroom stays as it is. It could be worse but it just isn’t my dream bedroom, you know? Here’s what I’ve seen emerge as my likely ideal based on the amount of times I’ve pinned things like this. Clearly I like grey, white, texture and (obviously) midcentury style. Do you have any suggestions for us?!

Bedroom inspiration: warm grey + clean white

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Bedroom inspiration: pretty & practical details


3 thoughts on “Bedroom inspiration”

  1. I loooove light, Scandinavian style bedrooms but then I love dark woods and Anthropologie styling… When we get a place it will probably be full of mismatched furniture (good quality though).


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