Italy’s Amalfi Coast: Positano & Sorrento

Positano, Italy: photo diary + travel tips

24 hours in Positano

I can’t be the only one whose travel plans are hugely influenced by Pinterest these days? More than one of the pit stops on our Italian trip was based on things I’d pinned: first up, Positano.

We arrived on the catamaran from Capri in the late-afternoon. Stepping off the boat, the view of the town creeping up the hillside is as picture-perfect as you’d expect. We checked-in to our hotel, dropped of our backpack and after a quick freshen-up we headed out to explore.

Positano, ItalyPositano, ItalyPositano, ItalyItalian bus in PositanoLocal produce, Italy

Once again we ended up detouring and accidentally hiking up the biggest hill in town (“What’s up here?” “Dunno, let’s have a quick look…”) but we were rewarded with some Fiat 500-spotting and a brilliant view over the bay. Of course, when we found our way back to town a couple of hours later we justified a couple of cocktails followed by dinner at Casa Mele, which was fabulous (their steak!!).

Italian mountainside houses in PositanoHouses in Positano, ItalyClassic orange Fiat 500, Positano, ItalyNatural arch, Positano, ItalyView over Positano, ItalyPositano, Amalfi CoastClassic Fiat 500, Positano, ItalyPositano, Amalfi Coast, ItalyPositano town, Italy

The next morning we woke up to incredible humidity and a thick mist coating the tops of the hills. After breakfast on the terrace we had a last poke around before hopping on a bus to Sorrento; we were heading back to Naples that day, and while could have got a direct train we decided we may as well see one more place on the way. So, ciao Positano!

Positano, ItalyMorning mist, Positano, ItalyWinding staircases in Positano, ItalyAmalfi Coast, Positano, ItalySea forts, Postiano, ItalyAmalfi Coast, Positano, ItalySea fort, Amalfi Coast, Postiano, ItalyPostiano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Pit stop in Sorrento

After a quick bus ride from Positano we alighted at Sorrento train station & made our way to the Old Town, picking up gelato on the way. I’ll be honest: Sorrento was disappointing so we only stayed for a couple of hours, just enough time to grab some lunch. I was worried I was getting ‘prettiness fatigue’, becoming unconsciously used to Italy’s gorgeousness, but I just don’t think it was for us.

Catch up on our journey so far – I’ll be back with more from Naples!

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Sorrento, ItalySorrento gelato parlourOld Town, Sorrento, ItalySorrento Old Town, ItalyAmalfi Coast, Sorrento, ItalySorrento, Amalfi Coast, Italy


7 thoughts on “Italy’s Amalfi Coast: Positano & Sorrento”

  1. The Amalfi Coast is one my most favorite places that I have ever been, it’s simply stunning. Pictures hardly do it justice, although your photos are very beautiful and gave me a huge sense of nostalgia. Lovely post!


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