My favourite blushes

4 best blushes!

As a naturally fair-skinned girl, for me choosing the right blusher is the difference between looking like a ghost or a clown. The 4 blushers below have been my most-recent favourites.

NARS Blush in Orgasm (£23)

No, not the cheapest & admittedly I didn’t get the big deal with at first – now that it’s grown on me I just love its subtle shimmer.

MAC Powder Blush in Fleur Power (£18.50)

A birthday gift from my lovely BFF, as a fellow pale girl she got this shade spot on for my skin tone. It’s been my go-to for a couple of years (as you can see!).

The Body Shop All-In-One Cheek Colour in Macaroon (£8)

My first ever non-pink blush & a spontaneous buy to top up a Body Shop order so I’d qualify for free delivery (a tip from me to you, if you don’t do this already!). The peachy shade has been a nice change during the summer months.

No7 Natural Tint Blush Powder in Soft Damson (£8)

I was given this by a Jamaican friend who didn’t think it worked for her dark skin. It is fairly bright on me but if I use it sparingly it gives a nice warm glow; it’s also perfect when I have a bit of a tan (like now, thanks France!).

Check out my recent review of a great budget make up brush set, perfect for pairing with these products. What’s your favourite blusher?

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2 thoughts on “My favourite blushes”

  1. These are lovely. I’m currently using my cheek pop from Clinque and a little trio from Bobbi Brown, Your picks are lovely. I remember looking at that MAC blusher, it’s a lovely one!


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