Swans on the canal, London

Let’s catch up, again

A lot has happened round here since our last chat: I’ve settled into my new job, our bathroom was renovated, we day-tripped to Hastings and I finally braved a bob. The biggest change, one I’m really proud of, is that I’ve not only kept up my new gym-going habit but I’m really enjoying it! I’ve even been having personal training!

Stoke Newington, London, N16Canal-side cottages, Haringey, London

It isn’t all about losing weight, though since early June I’ve lost 6.5 inches and over 3kg! It feels good to take care of myself: to feel my body getting strong, to know what I’m eating is doing me good (all hail tasty smoothie breakfasts & the cheap & cheerful blender), to wear a nice dress and not worry about my legs. I’ll never have Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley’s body and that’s ok – I want to be me, but a healthy, toned me.

Wasp on a flower

Speaking of summer-y clothes, we’re off to France soon – if you have any tips for Strasbourg or the surrounding area I’m all ears! We’re thinking of popping to Colmar too?

Ok, the photos accompanying this post are related to nothing; they’re just recent snaps from around old London town AKA one of the best places in the world when the sun is shining.

New River Studios (old Courtney & Pope building), Haringey, London


4 thoughts on “Let’s catch up, again”

  1. Ah, you and your travels – you’ll be giving me serious Wanderlust again! I want to be healthy & toned me. Before I get hitched.


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