Eiffel Tower, Paris (on black & white 35mm film)

My first ever black & white film!

Sacre Coeur, Paris (on black & white 35mm film) I recently had my very first black & white 35mm film developed. First reaction? B&W is hard. Some photos didn’t come out too well (also, excuse my dodgy scanning) but I love the ones that did. You’re seeing some of my better shots here ;) Part of the fun of film is learning about speed etc. & I always enjoy playing with different cameras (these photos were taken with my La Sardina). I’ll get there, I’m sure!

A major selling point for using film is that you forget what you actually pointed at & shot – when I picked up this roll it was a nice surprise to relive memories from London, Cambridge & Paris. Do you shoot on film? Do you have any black & white photography tips? On an unrelated note, can anyone explain to me how it’s August already?!

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p.s. I’ve already shared my photos of Paris taken with glorious 120 colour film!

Cafe chairs, Paris (on black & white 35mm film)Old Metropolitain sign, Paris (on black & white 35mm film)Montmartre, Paris (on black & white 35mm film)Notre Dame cathedral, Paris (on black & white 35mm film)Eiffel Tower, Paris (on black & white 35mm film)Bookshop by the Seine, Paris (on black & white 35mm film)Black & white 35mm film photos of ParisLondon window view (on black & white 35mm film)Hampstead, London (black & white 35mm film)East London (black & white 35mm film)Punting on the River Cam, Cambridge (on black & white 35mm film)


3 thoughts on “My first ever black & white film!”

  1. Oh these are gorgeous so eery! Especially love the cat one. I studied photography in black and white film, you definitely consider the scene and composition more. Digital you can take a thousand photos and you are bound to have a few good ones


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