Make up brush review

My new favourite make up brush kit

So the post title is a spoiler alert but I love these brushes. So much so that they’ve replaced my previous staple, the Real Techniques kit—with the exception of the awesome stippling brush. Here’s why!

Review: LAB² I’m Turning Pro Make Up Brush Kit

This kit comes with your 4 daily essential brushes:

  • Foundation brush
  • Buffing brush
  • Contour brush
  • Eyeshadow brush

They’re made with durable synthetic bristles with the best product pick-up I’ve encountered, meaning great pigment and less wastage.

Each brush is also the perfect size. In particular the foundation brush is large enough for quick coverage but the tapered tip makes it easy to be precise in smaller areas, like around the nose.

LAB2 make-up brush kit

The matte rubber-coated handles look super-sleek, provide comfortable grip and in my opinion they’re nicer-looking than most brushes—I’m a minimalism fan and bored to tears with the seemingly-default rose gold (I don’t like it! *hands in blogger membership card*).

These brushes have the look & feel of a much more high-end product & come highly recommended from this convert!

Get the LAB² I’m Turning Pro Make Up Brush kit* (RRP £18.99) exclusively at Superdrug.

Products marked * are samples. All opinions my own. See my ‘About’ page for more.

LAB2 cosmetics brush set review


7 thoughts on “My new favourite make up brush kit”

  1. Oooooh. I mean, I have enough brushes but… OOOH. Funnily enough I am mainly drawn to the turquoise text on black. They could be completely crap but that one detail has me interested, haha.


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