A day trip to Hastings, Sussex

Hastings, England

Yesterday we went day-tripping to Hastings in East Sussex.

Besides a strong coastal wind, we couldn’t have asked for better weather (I even accidentally caught some sun, #celticproblems) and we spent all day exploring on foot.

Unsurprisingly our favourite area was the picture-perfect Old Town, which mostly dates back to the early 1800s. We got chatting to the Reverend of All Saints Church, who told us that particular site is believed to have been settled even before William the Conqueror won the Battle of Hastings just up the road in 1066!

Hastings, East Sussex, EnglandDouchs Passage, HastingsAll Saints C of E Church, Hastings Old TownOld Town, Hastings, EnglandVintage shopping in Hastings, EnglandHastings, Dirty Old TownHastings Old Town houses

There’s a smattering of decent vintage and antique shops along the High Street, George Street & Courthouse Street, though we left empty-handed as there were no bargains (to our taste) to be had. Special mention goes to Robert’s Rummage which is aptly-named, packed floor to ceiling with crockery, silverware and books.

Hastings sea front, EnglandHastings seaside Rock Shop, South East EnglandHastings Old Town, Net ShopsHastings beach, EnglandSeagulls, Hastings, England

We had a blustery post-lunch beach wander—followed by another at sunset, accompanied by cava :)

Hastings doesn’t have the prettiest beach in the world but the gulls are the boldest I’ve ever seen, dive-bombing plates outside cafés and stalking one man until he gave up and just threw his carton of chips at them.

A highlight was the short climb up East Hill, from which there are pretty views all over this little seaside town (you can get the cliff railway instead if you’re feeling a bit lazier!).

Hastings East HillHastings, view from East HillView from East Hill, Hastings, England

Hastings is a decent option for a day trip from London: it takes about 1-1.5 hours each way by train (£25-ish return bought on the day) and we spent 6 hours there, which was enough time to see the main parts of the town.

I don’t think we’ll rush back but we had a nice day seeing somewhere new (and I got to tick 2 items off my 30 before 30 list!).


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