How to declutter: tricks and tips

Decluttering tips and tricks

Having a minimal lifestyle has become the way to live.

I’m all for it. I started my decluttering journey a couple of years ago because I moved house so often (#londonprobs) and was sick of carting around stuff—some of which wasn’t even used from one flat to the next. I treated each relocation as a reason to get rid of more and more, then when we bought our flat I became super brutal and it felt good!

I now use almost everything that I own and it’s easier to identify gaps (note to self: buy tops).

How to declutter properly

Make and action the following 4 piles:

  1. Keep: try everything to make sure it still works/fits/suits you.
  2. Sell/donate: anything that doesn’t make the cut above goes here!
  3. Store: this is for out-of-season items—put them away until you need them.
  4. Hold: put these items to one side and next time you clear things out get rid of anything that you still haven’t used.

And some more advice:

  • Declutter often—it’s surprising how quickly things build up.
  • Utilise re-selling sites/apps like Vestiaire Collective, Depop, etc. I made a small fortune on eBay!
  • I make regular donations to charity shops. (Did you know you can earn Nectar points when Oxfam sell your stuff? I spent the points I made on bicycle lights from Argos!)
  • Implement a shopping ban while you purge (I successfully saw one through last spring!). Of course, clearing-out is an excellent excuse to buy shiny new things but I stuck to a 4-out-1-in policy so I didn’t end up back where I started. I might’ve initially tortured myself by habitually browsing ASOS but I did resist the ‘add to bag’ button!
  • If you also impose a spending ban on yourself, unsubscribe from mailing lists: seriously, it’s impossible to fight temptation when it appears in your inbox several times a day.

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