Bathroom renovation plans: side on

Our bathroom renovation: before and during!

Did I mention we’re getting our bathroom renovated? Ok, I know I’ve gone on about it but we’re nearly done! When we bought our flat we thought the kitchen would be overhauled first but once we were in the bathroom became the issue: basically, the previous residents we averse to cleaning. Despite our scrubbing the dirt was caked on so we decided to rip everything out and start again.

Our bathroom before

Our bathroom is a typical London size but narrow, as you can see, and the layout wasn’t ideal. I’ve spent far too long recently thinking about taps and toilets and tiles so it’s exciting to finally have this project on the go, even if it means our bathroom looking like this…! (As my BFF said, “bet your old bathroom doesn’t seem too bad now”.)

Our bathroom during renovation

I’m a little bit of a nerd so I mocked-up a rough version of the finished look for our contractors and I’ve shared it below and in the featured image, if you’re interested (interior nerds unite!).

I don’t want to scare you off if you’re considering a renovation of your own but ours has been stressful so far, mainly because of a farcical home improvement retailer but let’s breathe & move on…oh hey, happy June and hello sunshine! :)

Bathroom renovation plans: from above


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